Our Services

rnd2Halal Foods International combines scientific evidence with traditional knowledge to offer a more natural approach to health. We are committed to continually improve our existing products and services and to develop new breakthrough products to help our customers.

Innovation is a key driver of business growth. Each year the business commits to a strong new product pipeline, based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable us to provide quality health solutions. We have spent millions of dollars on research, development and innovation.

Our Group’s involvement in research ranges from supplying products to research projects and funding clinical trials. We explore latest advances in complementary medicine and continually review studies on all aspects of natural health from around the world. We actively seek appropriate partners with which to share research and commercial opportunities through licensing and supply chain arrangements.

Consumers can call or check our website for our qualified healthcare advisors who are ready to help and guide them. This personal touch has been copied by many competitors but has never been successfully executed thus rendering them immature and not trust worthy. The products we manufacture and produce have solid clinical studies and we are dedicated to deliver the benefits which they claim. These are not done by others because they simply hunt for something similar and sell for profits.

We are growing the largest health community through:

  1. Our Hotlines which are attended to without fail.
  2. Our own websites, which creates a friendly and exclusive user experience.
  3. Our monthly calls to customers which reaches more than 60,000 users.
  4. Our contributions to society reached many whom became our consumers.
  5. Our free island wide home delivery done on the same day of purchase.
  6. Our monthly free gifts offer which never ends.
  7. Our annual lucky draws conducted on venues to meet consumers and educate them.
  8. Our involvement in community events and charity sponsorships like Sinda, Mcys, CDC, CCAC, Tabung Amal, Mendaki, Jamiah Singapore and many               more personal contributions unknown to the public.

We have worked with our staff to develop initiatives that promote a healthy, sustainable and profitable working environment, unique to our business.