New Product

Our new Improved Booster is finally here.
It is Delicious, all natural and great for school going kids…..

Halal Foods International has enhanced its popular product Booster to add new flavours. It now comes in Chocolate and a new fruity flavour that is delicious to drink. It contains 22 developmental vitamins, minerals, DHA, Amino acids and Probiotics. The New Booster helps in the following:

  1.   Concentration
  2.   Learning.
  3.   Reading ability
  4.   Short term and long term Memory
  5.   Alertness and Reflexes,
  6.   Energy and Stamina
  7.   Brain cognitive issues,
  8.   Healthy eye functions,
  9.   Digestion and nutrient absorption
  10. Supporting the immune system
  11. Periods of study and mental work.