market2Our Group has been a market leader in the Vitamin, Mineral and Herbal Supplement market in Singapore, with strong market positions in Thailand, Malaysia and a growing presence in India, Australia and the Middle East.

Around the world our products are sold by healthcare professionals including naturopaths, in pharmacies and health food stores. They are also retailed through mass merchants, supermarkets and distributors whom we contract manufacture under their brands.

Approximately 65% of the company’s annual turnover is from the Singapore market, with the international business increasing annually and the South Asian region representing a significant opportunity.

The growth in modern, fast paced and active lifestyles, focus on preventative health problems and wellbeing are key drivers for growth in this industry across the markets that we operate. This has been magnified recently with the widespread global health concerns.

We are seeing a strong social trend towards consumers taking a greater responsibility for their own health. This is driven by both consumer pull and government push, as the need to restructure the healthcare budget becomes a pressing issue and priority.

Across the regions, generally, we see a high level of cultural acceptance of vitamins and dietary supplements. There is a growing emergence of common health condition concerns including Diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, , heart and cholesterol, stress, fatigue, sleep, child development, ageing, weight control, Libido, Hair, Beauty and eye health. Our research suggests that our customers do not consider vitamins a discretionary spending, but an integral component of their “self-care” regime, and they look to invest in reliable products. As complementary medicines continue to become more mainstream, and more research is invested towards them, we are excited to the see the increasing body of evidence emerging to support benefits which help customers cope with the increasing number of health problems outlaid above.