Events photo gallery

Participation in Events


1) Forum Ehwal Islam 1996
A religious forum held at Clementi Stadium that attracted more than 20,000 people, conducted by some top speakers from Malaysia and also accompanied by the popular religious singers “Raihan”.

2) Prime 12 Tamil Talentime 1997 to 2003
Halal Foods were the main sponsors of this event organized by TV12 and designed to attract new and upcoming talents. This program brought the interest to all Indian viewers and it was rated one of the highest viewerships in the Tamil Programmes.

3) Prime 12 Malay Talentime 1997 to 2004
Halal Foods were the main sponsors of this event organized by TV12 with a viewership rated the highest among the Malay programs

4) Pesta Perdana 1997 to 2003
Organized by TV12 for the very first time having both the Malay and Tamil singers and stars in one program to present the awards to the best actors, presenters, etc. Halal Foods took the opportunity of being the main sponsor of this unique event.

5) Mega Warna 1997 to 2003
Opening of “Tabung Amal Aidilfitri” to raise funds for the poor in the Muslim Community. The event was organised by Radio Corporation of Singapore with President Mr Ong Teng Cheong as guest of honour. As recognition for achieving excellence in business and community services, Halal Foods management was invited to a reception with the President after the opening of Tabung Amal Aidilfitri.

6) Lucky Draw Promotion 1997
Joint promoters with Ming Seng Jewelery, Syakira Travel and Tours Pte Ltd where we featured Mr Fandi Ahmad as the celebrity. This promotion lucky draw had a dramatic effect on the sales of Halal Foods products by an increment of 35%.

7) Pioneer Electronics Promotions with DNC Agency 1998
We held a major lucky draw event with Pioneer which gave away four home Theatre systems worth $2500.00 each. Pioneer wanted to give its new slogan (leading the DVD Revolution) a boost in the Malay and Indian markets. This saw a rise in awareness of pioneer as a key player in DVD technology in these respective markets.

8) Computer giveaways 1999
We also held a computer draw with DN Systems Pte Ltd and gave away 4 computer sets worth about $2000.00 each and DN Systems seeing a surge in their sales.

9) The handphone give-away 2000
Essentially Yours together Eclipse Communications Pte Ltd gave away 2800 vouchers in a time period of 10 days which sent Eclipse sales surging into phenomenal levels. It was the Philips twist handphone and at least 1900 of our customers subscribed for it.

10) First Mobile Handphone give-away 2001
Essentially Yours and First Mobile did the same giveaway as Eclipse, this time with Siemens Handphone. 3 months later it again proof to be a winning situation for both companies.

11) Pioneer Electronics Promotions 1999 to 2002
This time Pioneer gave us 6 home theatre systems for both market segment (3 for Malay and 3 for Indian Market) for the massive respond which came after the last want. As usual this was a big hit and sent both companies to higher levels.

12) Pioneer Electronics Promotions 2000 -The Great Millennium Draw
Another promotion after the last one with pioneer giving prizes worth $20,000.00 and became the biggest hit ever as it was millennium fever as well.

13) GMT Jewellery 2005
One of the leading jewelers in Serangoon Road wanted to establish himself in the Malay market. His sponsorship of the top 3 prizes in our grand lucky saw the grand draw conducted “live” from his showroom surging his sales to new height just before the Hari Raya in 2003.

14) StarHub 2004 & 2008
Our latest partner, we just concluded a 1 month long joint promotion with this telco, and within this short period Starhub saw a total of over 1250 new phone line created. Starhub is still working with us for a new promotion which will be more exclusive to our pool of customers.
As a result of our campaigns and sponsorship of community events, Halal Foods has captured the attention of the Malay and Indian communities and we are now recognized as the No.1 Health Food Company in Singapore in these target markets. We will continue to excel in our goals in providing quality health food products as well as service. The number of awards given to Halal Foods International and Essentially Yours is overwhelming. We are also very thankful to all our customers who have continually supported our companies and with that they continually gained healthy benefits beyond their dreams.

15)Cash giveaway 2009 and 2010
Gave to customers 50,000 cash as lucky draws.

16) Tan Chong Motors-Nissan Sylphy Model 2011
Perhaps the biggest giveaway for our customers was a Car. The brand new Nissan Sylphy 2011 MODEL. It was well received and brought us to the frontier of the best company in the niche market. Now more than ever, many companies have approached us to market for them and so this gives our customers many choices to stay loyal to Halal Foods international.

17) The Great Gold giveaway 2012- worth 60,000.00 + other Prizes
Working with GMT Jewellers, the team managed to put together Gold deal worth Sixty Thousand dollars. To be given away in Jan 2013.

18) The Great Travel Europe Giveaway 2013
4 pairs of tickets and land packages to Europe plus cruises and TV’s to be won